Republicans For Jennifer Garrison

Jenny Garrison Is Brilliant
August 3, 2009, 9:22 pm
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Jenny Garrison understands how to make somebody her bitch.  How do I know?

She’s in the race for five minutes and starts throwing bombs.

Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re republicans, we have values.

Well, first, I’m a Republican backing a Democrat.  So while I have values, I’ll let her bend the rules a little bit.  But know what else calling your opponent a cheat in a race for the position that will chair elections in a state means?

It means you’re taking something that has to be their strength, and making it their weakness.

Sound familiar?

Sure, President Bush was known for sucking, and generally betraying conservative values at every turn, but you know what he was really good at?  Campaigning.  Democrats kept underestimating him, and he kept kicking their asses.  So what does this accusation do for those of us hoping to bring a pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment government back to Ohio?

1)  It makes Marilyn Brown go on the defensive.  As much as anybody with a 200K quarter has the ability to attack, now she really has to focus her resources on showing she’s not a cheat and a liar.  Fundraising/allocation of resources WIN.

2)  It makes Marilyn Brown look weak.  Mary, we just got all up in your grill.  What’choo gonna do about it?  If you won’t stand up for yourself, how will voters trust you to stand up for them?


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