Republicans For Jennifer Garrison

This Is Exciting!
August 3, 2009, 9:21 pm
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Well, that didn’t take long– Obama’s anti-American agenda started inspiring backlash in his own party.

It only took six months of being controlled by the anti-gun lobby, pro-abortion groups, environmental extremists, and the homosexual agenda to ferment a revolution among Democrats.  Know how I know?

There’s a coup going on, right here in Ohio.

Zack Space?  Steve Driehaus?  Charlie Wilson?  All Blue Dogs.  All willing to keep liberalism in check from the inside, if you will, except for Space, who is probably so calculating as to get in on this as an apology for allowing socialized medicine to pass his house committee.

And where were these fine gentlemen today?  Standing behind Jennifer Garrison, when she announced that she was going to be Ohio’s next Secretary of State.  You know, the job that is currently held by Democratic hyper-partisan/ACORN pawn Jennifer Brunner, the job that delivered Ohio to our maybe-legal-maybe-not President.  Don’t think for a second that Brunner’s going to let Jon Husted walk off with her old office while her Senate race goes down in flames.  She’s going to make sure the keys to Ohio lie with the liberals.  Unless…
Unless Space, Wilson, and Driehaus redeem themselves for supporting the abomination that’s sitting in Ronald Reagan’s chair right now.  Because Jennifer Garrison is the best thing conservatives in Ohio ever could have hoped for.  Look:

  • NARAL, the Pro-Abortion Lobby, gave her a 0
  • The NRA gave her an A rating
  • She won her seat–knocking off RINO Nancy Hollister–in 2004 by standing up for traditional marriage and protecting our families from homosexuals
  • And she’s won endorsements from Right To Life, Moms for Ohio, and Buckeye Firearms – real Americans who sponsored the patriots who stood up at our modern day tea parties the liberals like to mock, when not busy killing babies.
  • Rumor has it she was comtemplating accepting an offer from Kasich to be his LG, so you know she stands up for what she thinks is Right, and not just her corrupt party

Is this an independent woman, or is this an independent woman?  And she’s hot.  Smoking hot.  Ohio’s Sarah Palin hot. And like Palin, she is clever enough to send the liberal media into spasms for trying to discredit her.

But back to the coup– Obama’s dangerously liberal agenda brought this on.  Space, and Driehaus, and Wilson, all of whom have opposed the Messiah at different turns, are sticking in the dagger, on him, on Brunner, on the whole liberal cabal, by putting somebody in the Democratic Primary Who Actually Has Common Sense And Can Win.  Brunner can’t steal an election from a Democrat.  And if she steals it from Husted, who strikes me as being too-smart-by-half, we still get somebody who’s not an ACORN puppet.

Democracy’s coming back, Ohio.  And it looks amazing in heels.


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