Republicans For Jennifer Garrison

The Dirty Goddamn Hippie Assault Continues
August 20, 2009, 1:04 pm
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Yeah, I see you, blogger interrupted, calling me a knuckledragger, hating on the last, best hope Ohio has to not let our elections be totally overrun by the corrupt poverty pimps at ACORN and their socialist agenda.  Let’s get something straight here:  there’s nothing knuckledragging about supporting the preservation of God’s law and our Christian heritage and ethics.  Godless societies are doomed to fail, and no matter how many people you assault with your little camera and your bad attitude in that multiethnic cesspool that is Cleveland, you can’t change that you, and the socialists at Ohio Daily, and all of the other Democrat-Socialists are on not just the wrong side of history, but the wrong side of God himself.

All the pictures of Jennifer Garrison on the internet are white for a reason, heathen:  she’s your only shot at salvation.

UPDATE: Modern “Esquire” over at ACORN-Apologist and Homosexual Revolt Headquarters Buckeye State Blog thinks that I might be some form of performance art, the same way the liberals keep telling themselves that that fucking train wreck of a human being that sullied Johnny Cash’s good name isn’t really on crack, he’s “an artist”.  Sadly, hippie, no, I am not some figment-of-your-imagination ally.  I am a freedom-and-America-loving conservative, and I will not rest until you and your ilk have been driven from government for they tyrranies being perpetrated against patriots like me.


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